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    23 June 2019

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    Beecraigs Archery Range

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    STAFAA invite you to enter our annual unmarked 3D Championship on Sunday 23rd June 2019. 

    Beecraigs Archers Field Range – Start time 10.00am for 10.30am. 

    This is an Open Competition to which all Archers from Other Associations are kindly invited and will shoot as guests.   

    This will consist of 14 unmarked 3D which will be shot twice.

    Markers will be changed after 14 targets have been shot.

    3 marked arrows as defined in an animal round  


    1st arrow kill = 20 points

    2nd arrow kill = 16 points

    3rd arrow kill = 12 points

    1st arrow wound = 18 points

    2nd arrow wound = 14 points

    3rd arrow wound = 10 points


    (1) Single marker lay-out:

    No archer shall shoot from in front of the appropriate marker. Maximum of three feet to either side of such marker. 

    One group shall not hold up the following group by looking for lost arrows.

    Enough arrows shall be carried so that each archer may continue shooting and return to find missing arrows when shooting has ceased. 

    If for any reason a group is holding up another group mutual arrangement may be made between

    The target captains to allow the following group to pass through. 

    Optical devices intended to be used shall be presented at the equipment inspection and marked with an inspection sticker which may not be removed during the competition. Cameras may not be used as range finders, and may be used (as a camera) only after all archers in the group have finished shooting the target. 

    Entry Fee: Adults £10 - Juniors/Cubs £5

    Booking via or email

     Payment can be made on the day. Last day for entries Friday 21st June 2019

    No late entries shall be accepted.

    Valid membership card must be provided on the day.

    Catering will be available. 

    Any questions please contact STAFAA shoot director - or mobile 07901557223

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