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STAFAA - 3D Unmarked Indoor Shoot 29/30 September 2018

21 Jul 2018

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IFAA Rules: 2017-2018 50 2. 3D 
Only three dimensional targets as defined in Article 13C of the Policy section will be used for this Round:
3. Scoring areas:
a. The area defined by the inner circle is the “Kill” area.
b. For targets that have two or more inner circles, the inner areas are combined to make up a single score area called the “Kill” area.
c. The outer area is the “Vital” area.
d. The area between the “Vital” area and the “Hairline” of the animal is called the “Wound” area.
e. In the event that the 3D target includes a base or stand, a clear hairline will be drawn on the target that defines the limit of the wound area.
The position of this hairline will be shown on the picture on the indicator board at the shooting 4. Shooting positions:
a. There will be only one shooting position.
b. Only one arrow is shot from the marker.
c. No member of the group (or any other group) may go forward from the shooting marker until all members of the group have shot their arrow from that shooting marker.
5. Scoring:
Arrows that enter the 3-D target close to the hairline and do not remain embedded in the target are not counted and no other arrow shall be shot.
On 3D targets, arrows sticking in the target stand or base and those in the horns or antlers are not scored.
(Exec note: Arrows embedded in one of the legs of the target do count.)
20 points
16 points
10 points position. To score the arrow must cut through the drawn hairline.