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Loch Tummel Archers - Field Shoot 26th August - Review

29 Aug 2018

Loch Tummel Archers, Field Competition - August 26th 2018.

Following the rather wet day in West Fife earlier in the month, the forecast for Loch Tummel was also poor, but despite this, 16 or so keen archers made the journey to the picturesque course on the north shore of loch.  Somewhat surprisingly, the skies overhead began to clear shortly after the last competitors arrived, and the warm rays from the late August Sun soon began to stream down through the birch and oak canopy to the tea-hut below, and temperatures and spirits began to rise. 


Despite the clouds to the south and north, the lochside venue was obviously benefiting from the local micro-climate in the lee of Schiehallion, as the sun continued to shine from above.  As the heat slowly built up, it became too much for some, and Martin in the kitchen, kindly offered free iced-teas to all those who decided to persevere in the baking conditions.  One local archer had come prepared in shorts, reminding the visitors that such hot an dry conditions were not unusual in this part of the Highlands, even though the rain would very likely still be pouring down just 30 or 40 miles away in Tyndrum and Glencoe. 


Despite the offer to setup tarpaulins for more shade, and an air conditioning unit adjacent to the iced-tea hut, sadly, a fair few of the competitors decided that they could take no more, and retired after the first round.    But a dozen or so hardy individuals re-grouped and bravely headed out into the blazing heat, with their leader Stevan selfishly foregoing a post-lunch cigarette, lest he inadvertently set fire to the now tinder-dry forest. 


After a challenging second round, all survived, including the brave cub Evan.  However, the strong sun did make it difficult for the scorers, as the powerful UV rays instantly faded both ink and pencil, and more than just a few seconds of careless exposure rendered the paper score-cards to dust.

As soon as the last group was in, the de-cyphering  and tallying of score-cards began.  By now Martin had run out of ice in the kitchen, and due to the need to reduce the risk of heat-stroke and de-hydration, and to keep Alan content, it was wisely decided to postpone the raffle for another day, and the results were quickly announced: