Scottish Target and Field Archery Association News story


20 Jul 2020

STAFAA have been looking at ways to get archers back to competitive archery whilst keeping within the current Scottish Government guidelines and will be offering two types of competition.

Firstly we will be holding a trial event at Beecraigs Archers on Sunday 2nd August.  If this goes well, we hope to offer shoots every weekend until the end of September, or until Scottish Government advice changes.  More details below.

Secondly we will be running a mail match competition.  Shoot 14 targets, once round your club course, you can send in as many scores as you want and we’ll pick your highest one each month. 

Email your scores to Stevan Sawulak at including your name, club/course, bow style, score & whether you shot a field or hunter round. 

If you’re new to competitions, why not try shooting Junior or Cub Pegs instead of Adult Pegs, just mention on your email which pegs you shot.


Beecraigs Archers Trial Event:

This will be a 14 Target field round with morning & afternoon spaces available.

Booking in for this event will only be by texting Stevan on 07901557223, this is on a first come first served basis, with limited spaces available, see below for full details.

The cost will be £3 for adults and £2 for juniors/cubs, once Stevan confirms you have a space, payment should be made by bank transfer direct to Beecraigs Archers,

sort code 83-24-25, account no 00680202.

Extra Rules for the Beecraigs Archers Trial Event:

Start times:  9am, 9:30am, 10am, 10:30am, 1pm, 1:30pm, 2pm & 2:30pm

Members from the same household will have to shoot in the same group.

Archers should bring their own food, drink & hand sanitiser as none will be available on the day.

These rules along with the current Scottish Government guidelines must be adhered to at all times.  Anyone found in breach of these rules will be asked to leave immediately.

Booking In: 

  • Archers should book in for this competition by 9pm on Fri 31st Jul via text to Stevan on 07901557223.
  • Archers can request AM or PM however this will be subject to availability, if members are planning on travelling together from another area, please advise as this will affect groups.
  • Archers should confirm their name, email address, telephone number & shooting style.(Details will be kept for track & trace purposes).
  • Archers will be advised on Sat 1st Aug of their start time, who is in their group and their Target Captain.

Arrival on the day:

  • Archers should not enter the archery course more than 25 minutes before their slot time
  • Archers should only congregate with those in their shooting group
  • Target Captain should take membership cards to Admin person and retrieve score cards for the day
  • Archers are permitted one practice end at the practice butts.
  • Archers should go to target 1 for their slot time
  • Any late arrivals will only be allowed to join their shooting group if they are still shooting (not scoring) Target 1.




  • 2 Archers may shoot at the same time if social distancing on the lane allows
  • No one should touch anyone else's arrows or equipment at any time.
  • Target Captain calls the scores, Scorer 1 & Scorer 2 records them as normal.
  • Each archer should pull their own arrows
  • If archers shoot singly, each archer has 3 minutes to shoot 4 arrows, if shooting in pairs, 6 minutes is allowed per pair.



  • Target Captain should hand in Scorecards and retrieve Membership cards from Admin and give out to other group members.
  • Archers should pack up and leave quickly.
  • The scores for the day will be posted on the STAFAA Website.

If you have any questions on the above please phone Stevan between 6pm & 9pm.