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STAFAA - Outdoor Flint Round 2021

01 Apr 2021

STAFAA - Outdoor Flint Round: April May June 2021

At the last zoom meeting it was decided STAFAA would host an outdoor flint round.

This will be shot at club courses using their booking system and adhering to the Scottish Government rules that apply.

This round consists of 4 arrows per end x 7 ends shot twice on field faces.

T1 25yds. T2 20ft. T3 30yds. T4 15yds. T5 20yds. T6 10yds. T7 30y 25y 20y 15y.

 For new members

Ends 1,3,5& 7 are shot at  35cm field face for Juniors & Adults and a 50cm for Cubs.

Ends 2,4&6 are shot at a bunny field face for juniors and adults and a 35cm for Cubs.

Scoring is the same as a field round with inner black rings worth 5, white rings 4 & outer black rings worth 3.

Scores can be self verified and do not need to be signed by anyone else.

Contact your club for details on where the flint is set up on your course.

April scores must be emailed to Stevan Sawulak by 7th May. May scores by 7th June and June scores by 7th July. Only one score per month should be submitted.

 Results will be posted on STAFAA website and medals will be posted out. Any queries please email