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West Fife Archers - Update

10 Sep 2015

Hi All,


I know you aren't all on Facebook, so here's a little update...


Yesterday Phil Sutherland and Jim Greig inspected the course. Happily we passed. You'll have seen an email from STAFAA announcing our opening event, a Field Round on 20th September. Your chance to get your name on the STAFAA website as course record holder.


Those of you who have already joined are welcome to shoot the practice lane, but we ask that you do not shoot the course until the opening event. The practice lane is a bit rough yet, we'll work on it on Saturday 12th. If you can spare a bit of time, we'd love to see you.

We'll be there from about 9.30. There are a lot of small jobs to do, like prepare sites for the toilet tents, prepare the ground a bit where Janet Penman will set up the catering for the event and so on. Some heavier work with spades and mattock to flatten the practice lane(s).

Unfortunately we'll only have one practice boss for the competition as we are still waiting for the second batch of foam.


If you are going to shoot the opening competition, please let me know and remind me what style you shoot. If you want an application form to join West Fife Archers, drop me an email too.,