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Ranald Hutton

Ranald Hutton

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I first started shooting at the age of 11, when my dad bought me a Royal Scot "Laddie" recurve for passing my 11+ exam!

Living in the country in Angus, I naturally did Field shooting in the garden which was big enough fortunately and even managed not to break any windows or kill anyone!

In my late teens and early 20's I was shooting Hoyt take down recurves followed by a Yamaha YTSL and was regularly selected for the Scottish Archery target team.

I was successful with the recurve bow for some years and won may titles including the "Scottish" but compounds were very basic at that time, having barely been invented! It was Syd Strachan who convinced me to try a Compound in 1996.

I won the Scottish Championships in 1996 -1998 inclusive but thought of trying "field" in 1999, mainly because my family convinced me that it's more "interesting"

I got of to a good start, winning both the Scottish indoor and outdoor Championships followed by the U.K's, then my brother and I drove to Wyhl in Germany to compete in my first E.F.A.C.

This was on of the most memorable "big" competitions because of the heat and mosquitos. I ignored them though and stayed very focused despite being bitten very badly but won the AMFU title!

I won E.F.A.C. again in Finland in 2003 but have also gained silver 3 times and bronze once in I.F.A.A. European Championships.

The most memorable event for me was probably Zurich, 2003.

I was on good form but knew that at that level you couldn't afford to miss the centre even once!

I shot 60 x's on the practise day and was barely out of the "x" for each day of the competition, culminating in a world title at the end of the week's shooting - wow the pressure was great but worth it!

From 1999 to the present day, I have broken numerous records in both Target and Field and won numerous championships including Scottish Indoor and Outdoor titles more times than I can remember and U.K's 6 times - age is no barrier!

I turned Pro in order to compete in the "Pro Series" field archery competitions and despite the extreme difficulty of the couses, have achieved 15th at Fort van Lier.It's great shooting with the World's best archers and although very enjoyable, the pressure is huge.

I intend though to return to amateur status and just enjoy my archery within Scotland as I really have "done it all" and am content.

My advice to any up and coming archers is to get a good coach ( I still refer to Stuart Henry for coaching) and be focused and determined and never give up.

If your bow is in perfect tune and your form is good then work on the mental side of the sport and the "world is your oyster!"

Ranald's Set Up

Bow: PSE Dominator Pro @ 55lbs, drawlength 28.5"
Sight: CBE
Scope: Sureloc Blac Eagle/Swarowski .3 lens, open circle decal
Rest: Trophy Taker with Baldur blade
Stabiliser: Carbofast 32" with 9oz weight, 15" side rod with 20oz weight
Release: Stanislawski Shoot Off
Arrows: Carbon Express Nano Pro 450
Vanes: Flex Fletch FFP - 175
Nocks : Beiter pin
Optics: Swarowski and Nikon