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Martin O'Nions

Martin O’Nions

Profile of a Champion

I started archery in 1998 after a holiday come-and-try in Wales. I started at Cluny Clays being coached by Archie Scott and quickly joined Forest Flame Archers (now defunct).

My first major competition was the Scottish Championships at Easter Ross in 1999 having spent the previous four months in Italy and arriving back seven days before the competition! I won the B Class Compound Freestyle with two A Class scores shooting a Merlin compound.

 I continued to shoot and on leaving the navy found my scores rapidly improved and I entered WEFAC at Arndean in 2002. I finished 8th in the World and 5th in Europe.

In 2005 I purchased a Hoyt Protec (still shooting it) and scores continued to improve. I have continued to shoot both nationally and internationally and have won medals at all levels.

In 2013 after some bad news I decided to step back and have some fun and took up historical bow which I now shoot indoors. Bow made of all wood construction, genuine historical design with wooden arrows. I will now split time between the two styles for the remainder of my shooting life.


Bow               Hoyt Protec 2005 Special Edition, 3000 limbs, cam and a half

Stabiliser        Beiter Longrod

Sight              Merlin Tri-Axis

Scope             OK Archery

Tab                Modified Cavalier

Arrows           2114 Easton X7’s, AAE EP23 plastifletch, Nibb points, 3D Supernocks

Strings           Home made using Trophy string material and diamondback serving.


2010                SFAA OUTDOOR CHAMPION (2nd on seven occasions)

2009 & 2010     SFAA 900 CHAMPION

2007 & 2008     EFAA NATIONAL OUTDOOR CHAMPION (2nd on two occasions)

2008                WFAA OPEN OUTDOOR CHAMPION

2007                UK OUTDOOR CHAMPION (2nd on five occasions)

2005                EFAC ESTONIA        BRONZE

2006                EFAC FINLAND       BRONZE

2007                EFAC SWEDEN        SILVER

2008                WFAC NAMIBIA      BRONZE

2009                EFAC WALES           BRONZE

2010                WFAC GERMANY   BRONZE

Personal bests presently stand at 511 for the Field round, 510 for the Hunter round and 552 for the Animal round.